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Amber-Jane Raab

Amber-Jane Raab’s work mirrors her personal view of the world, where nothing is perfect, everything is layered, and has meaning in the madness, creating diverse and unusual patterns in every aspect of our lives.
She reflects this in her work, using stylised ‘collage and paint overlay’ techniques that build texture and layers to a digital design. A strong overall image is made up of rudimentary collage and wild scribbles, the finished piece ‘perfect’ and ‘complete’, mimicking life and everything in it.
Australian-born but raised in London, Amber has worked in design since the beginning of her career and has been immersed in all things art from a young age. Working initially as a graphic artist, she worked in the city as the Director of design consultancy for several investment banks, but with a yearning to live her ‘best life’, in 2005 she took the plunge and became a fulltime artist.
Using her graphics experience and love for contemporary art she began creating digital designs that incorporated her photography of London, which she finished with textured paints and other mediums. Over the years has developed different collections using the same techniques including her ‘Urban Wildlife’ series and more recently her ‘Waves Collection’ harnessing her experience with resin.
Amber has enjoyed a successful career to date, and her work is highly sought after. She has collectors worldwide and in 2022 had work featured in the Saatchi Gallery. She has had sell-out shows at art fairs, as well as having held 15 solo shows to date.
She is always striving to create brand new works to continue to push the boundaries of mixed media and the stunning effects that can be created.
Amber holds art lessons for underprivileged children, and regularly holds talks at local colleges and schools to inspire the youth to follow their creative passions – just as she has done.
‘I like to keep it real, in life and in art! I explore the magic of imperfection through my work, and how we how we can appreciate the diamond in the rough. The streets in London are never perfect, and yet there is a flawlessness to the chaos. That’s what I come back to with every piece I make. I love to see the work juxtaposed in beautiful homes and spaces, it always makes me smile’