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Tony Williams

Tony studied life drawing and graphic design at Sutton Art School, and then was Creative Director for a national company. He is an associate member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and winner of the Charles Pears Award.

Tony Williams has shown at the ROI and has been included in four consecutive RSMA exhibitions at the Mall Galleries and was elected a full member of the RSMA in 2020. His work is held in many private collections worldwide.

Tony is currently working on a series of paintings celebrating the working lives of shipbuilders, miners, and steelworkers, evoking the atmosphere of industry during the pre and post war years. He depicts the harsh working conditions which led to a great camaraderie amongst these men whom the artist now sees as a corporate host of ghosts.

Walking or cycling with the ever-present cigarette and dwarfed by the monolithic vastness of ships and winding gear, these are subjects that can barely be done the justice they deserve.