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Alexander Rhys

Alexander Rhys has a unique way of looking at the world which he has embraced and shared through his vibrant, narrative artworks.

He is fascinated by the individual contribution and effect of visual elements such as colour, pattern and texture and the ways in which they are woven into design and structure to communicate and tell a story. Exploring wide-ranging ideas and cultures he draws inspiration from natural and man-made objects, urban and rural settings, and the contrast in eastern and western approaches to art and culture.

Rhys' global and diverse clients include outdoor advertising giants Clear Channel, private equity firm LDC , model and actress Mille Brady and leading Kenyan hip-hop artist Octopizzio .

In 2019 Rhys met British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss how art can be used to help fight crime and how it can have a positive effect on people’s life’s. Most recently , Rhys was invited to have his portrait taken by world-renowned photographer RANKIN at his studio in London.