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Louise Brown

Louise Brown is a self-taught sculptor and artist based in rural Lincolnshire. Her sculptures are of the four-legged variety, and she tries to inject an element of fun and quirkiness into every piece she creates. Louise wants them to have a cute expression on their faces, and to not look like they have been made in a mould.
Therefore, she tries not to smooth out the clay too much, so that there is lots of texture. Louise works with stoneware and porcelain clays, After the sculptures have been bisque-fired she then applies the colours in the form of oxides, underglazes, and limited applications of glazes. She prefers her animals to have a matt finish and glaze is only applied to areas such as the eyes.
The sculptures are then fired again to 1250 degrees for about 10 hours. Although I am self-taught, so are many artists including famous ones, and I feel that if you have some natural talent, this can be nurtured by practice and determination.