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Lisa Timmerman

Lisa Timmerman is a Leicestershire-based artist working from her studio in Foxton, Market Harborough, England. Lisa trained at Loughborough and Bristol Colleges of Art where she went on to do a degree in Fashion and Textiles. Lisa worked for many years as a designer in the fashion industry in London and East Asia before settling back in Leicestershire with her Dutch husband and their three sons.
Lisa says: "I have always had painting in my head and seen life through the eyes of a painter, disturbing me when I’m sleeping and distracting me when I’m driving! I'm sure over the years my family have thought my mind was elsewhere, I was just working out how I'd mix that colour!
I now paint every day and my pre-occupations have moved on. Painting has become very much about two things for me. The joy of the process of mixing my oil paint with a thickening agent which demands the necessity for different tools other than brushes and this has led to the excitement of new and unpredictable marks and challenges. It is totally absorbing, and keeps me very much in the present moment which is truly a joyful experience.
Secondly, painting is about the human condition. I find parallels in my work which reflects my thoughts and feelings about my life. My koi fish hunker down in the muffled silence of the water as I feel people do to try to stop the general noise of life in the 21st century. My chickens race at breakneck speed around in circles without taking time to stop and wonder. I'm interested in reflections and shadows and the beautiful light that creates them."
Lisa's koi fish paintings were recently featured with The Royal Society of British Artists work at their annual exhibition 2021 at the Mall Galleries, London. Both sold.