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Rob Ritchie

“I love painting – I always have & I always will.”
Rob Richie was born in London, and from a very young age he had an interest in art and was always painting and drawing.
Rob has had no formal training and is completely self-taught. He has continually worked at improving and refining his skill in painting over many years and continues to evolve an mature his style.
His painting career started with a solo exhibition in Richmond, London, then he went on to selling his work on the famous railings at Green Park, Piccadilly. After re-locating from London to Herefordshire in 2003, he started to exhibit his work in galleries and his career took off.
He spent some time painting in the field of Miniaturism, and London sell-out exhibitions of these miniature paintings have earned him both recognition and special awards from London galleries and societies including the Royal Miniature Society, the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists, and the Florida Miniature Art Society, with his work being purchased by the Hilliard Society for their permanent collection.
Rob prefers now to concentrate on painting life-size and he is fascinated by light and shade, and the imperfections and timelessness of his studies. His preferred medium is oil paint, and whilst he specialises in still-life, he still enjoy painting flowers, landscapes and the occasional portrait too. He is inspired and attracted to light and reflections, with an ambitious attention to tone and detail. He hopes that his work possesses a classic timeless appeal, blending traditional old master’s techniques along with a contemporary setting of objects, and a harmony of colour, shadow, and composition. This fusion of old and new gives his paintings an individuality that is beautifully balanced by his astonishing talent.