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Gary John Jones

Gary John Jones is a Mixed Media Artist from Liverpool who creates works based on his social and political views. His blends of realistic and modern images transform us into a parallel world of clever sarcasm, strong messages and twisted humour. With a meticulous eye for detail he manages to produce thought provoking work that can speak to generations.
As a Fine Art graduate of Liverpool John Moores Gary was initially inspired by the art of Da Vinci, Picasso, Monet and Caravaggio to name a few he quickly got his head turned by more modern artists such as Warhol, Banksy, Hirst and Emin. With this new found interest he decided to fuse the two eras and create something truly unique.
He has always been fascinated by art; he says 'art is the only way to speak to a world of different people'. His sometimes controversial work has seen him compared in recent years to world famous street artist Banksy by the online trending website Lost At E Minor. Erin Kirkpatrick of Trendhunters writes 'In one way or another, each of Jones's pieces features prominent popular culture icons, events or news in paradoxical paintings. Through his inventive and clever masterpieces, Jones superimposes different eras and generational phenomenon together to form a pleasing mixture'.